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Advocate for parenting education and reimbursement for parenting education providers

On January 15, 2014, the second meeting of the NC Medicaid Reform Advisory Group took place in downtown Raleigh ( The Advisory Group gathered input from a wide cross-section of speakers. Those unable to attend were invited to submit comments about Medicaid reform to Therefore, Stephanie Jones submitted a letter on behalf of NCPEN members and the hundreds of parenting educators and family support service providers in our state. The letter advocates for Medicaid to recognize our profession and for our services to be  adequately reimbursed.
2014-01 DHHS_Medicaid Reform_v4


Promote sound parenting education information and advice in the media

The North Carolina Parenting Education Network (NCPEN) submitted a letter to the Raleigh News and Observer (N&O) in October, 2013 advocating for NC newspapers to publish sound parenting advice that is evidence-based. The letter asked the N&O  to refrain from publishing information that is potentially harmful to children and families, or that is based solely on opinions.
“Today’s Newspapers Need Higher Standards for Parenting Advice Columns”


Define parenting education in state statutes and promote quality of services, as well as reimbursement for providers
Dear Senator_Representative_Legislative outreach letter
HB 1308


Expand partnerships with child and family-oriented agencies and organizations in NC and beyond