New Fatherhood Book by SE NC Pediatrician

Dad To Dad: Parenting Like A Pro

Through practical dos and don’ts and authoritative advice, this handbook from a modern-day pediatrician father helps dads navigate the often intimidating road of parenthood—from newborn babies to the teen years. In a humorous “been there, done that” tone, the doctor gives dads the confidence to address any number of day-to-day issues like an old pro. Starting with the basics of infant and child development and diapering and feeding, he outlines what to expect and how to handle various situations. With chapters ranging from Crying Foul: Why Is My Baby Crying? and Heating and Cooling: Fevers and What to Do About Them to Water Water Everywhere: Is This Bedwetting Normal? and It’s Complicated: Dealing with Non-Traditional Parenting Relationships, his sound wisdom allays dads’ fears.